domingo, 4 de abril de 2010

[Makafushigi] Jidou Poruno [English - Ch 1]

 Hi everyone...been ages since i posted something isn't?
actually this thing took a looong time to finish (moth and a half...). Why?, well it's true I'm a lazy bastard, but another reason was that the school was taking all my available time, and somehow this semester has been a lot of stress (e_e), right know I'm on vacations, so i was able to finish this chapter, of course with the collaboration and patience of Masamune, who also took care of the translation of jidou.
So thank me, thank masamune, and all Little White Butterfly
and take your chapter full of loli!

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also, there's a second chapter for this arc, which i had nothing to do, but I'll post it later just to keep the story~ Thought i don't think the whole book will get done, ask Masamune or Imari on LWB if you want more~

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